Basecourse Modification

The modification of basecourse materials can be used to increase the structural strength of new materials or to rejuvenate aged pavements that need additional strength or rehabilitation.

As well as costing much less than traditional pavement reconstruction and remediation methods, our solutions are proven to deliver lasting strength and durability.

Our ‘one-stop-shop’ design and project management service gives clients access to world-leading methodologies, delivered by local experts. Our purpose-built, state-of-the-art fleet includes specialist foamed bitumen recycling equipment, as well as more conventional cement, lime and polymer stabilisation plant.

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Remediation of failed pavements.

Strengthening of existing pavements.

Construction of new pavements.

Maintenance patching.

Area-wide pavement treatments.

Improving riding qualities.

Basecourse Modification

As well as costing much less than traditional pavement reconstruction and remediation methods, our solutions are proven to deliver lasting strength and durability.

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More cost effective than traditional methodologies.

Conserves diminishing aggregate resources.

Significantly reduces or eliminates excavation volumes.

Quick turn-around process minimises inconvenience to the public.

Can be carried out in unfavourable weather conditions.

Can be trafficked almost immediately.

Reduced maintenance requirements and whole-of-life costs.

Significantly improved resistance to moisture and pumping of fines.

Basecourse stabilisation

Basecourse stabilisation improves the performance of pavements by modifying in-situ or imported materials with cement, specialist blends, polymers or foamed bitumen.

Hiway Stabilizers has delivered many stabilised basecourse layers using a wide range of stabilising agents, consistently creating pavements with greater strength and performance, and a longer design life. The addition of a small proportion of a stabilising agent to an existing or new granular pavement material is a highly effective and efficient way to improve the properties and performance of those materials.

Stabilizers Basecourse Stabilisation


Hiway Stabilizers has been carrying out basecourse stabilisation since 1986 and has proven history and experience in successfully completing projects in a wide range of operating environments.

Our track record in developing specialist binders and polymers, enables cost effective stabilisation to be achieved regardless of varying aggregate properties, traffic loadings or intended pavement use. Technology advances now enable the design of project specific blended stabilising agents in double or triple blends commonly with cement and/or lime.

These manufactured blends often include fly ash and/or slag (ground granulated blast furnace slag) which are waste products from coal fired power stations and steel manufacture respectively. The use of these pozzolanic by-products further increases the environmental and cost advantages of stabilisation rather that these materials going to waste.

Design & Project Management Services

Hiway Stabilizers’ engineering team has extensive experience in pavement design and project management.

Our track record covers a variety of pavement types, including heavy duty pavements for port and airport applications, high level structural and modified highway pavements, and optimisation of design life for pavements on low volume roads.

We offer a range of consultancy services, from pavement investigation and materials classification, sampling and subgrade analysis, to optimisation of the pavement design. We also have significant experience in determining the optimum pavement and mix design technologies to deliver the required pavement performance and optimise whole of life costs.